Lost luggage, jet lag & 90 days alcohol free

It’s been 3 days since I landed in Vietnam. The flight from Heathrow to Dubai was 6 hours and I was blessed by the flight gods when I realized there was a spare seat next to me; perfect to put my feet up and sleep. When I landed in Dubai and left the plane, thereContinue reading “Lost luggage, jet lag & 90 days alcohol free”

My Love for Lanka

Serendib, Ceylon, The teardrop of the Indian Ocean, Island of Dharma, Pearl of the Orient, or more commonly: Sri Lanka. From September-December 2018 I lived in Sri Lanka as a mental health volunteer. I lived with local families, ate local curries, used local transport, participated in local traditions and met local people. The entire experienceContinue reading “My Love for Lanka”

Yoga for mental health; Namastay away from me

I’ve been practising yoga for about 4 years now, and it’s definitely been a hate love relationship; I hated it before I loved it. I remember my first yoga class, I went with a couple of friends who were also yoga ‘virgins’. My toes looked so far away from my hands. We giggled at absolutelyContinue reading “Yoga for mental health; Namastay away from me”

Why Honesty is the Best Policy

I started this year feeling totally lost. I had just come back from the most life changing 3 months of my life. Newly single and fairly heartbroken about it. Not only single in relationship status but feeling lost after leaving a country I fell in love with. I experienced more of a culture shock comingContinue reading “Why Honesty is the Best Policy”