So what’s the point of this whole blog? I’m going to use my new favourite word, cathartic.

Cathartic- definition

Adjective: 1. Purifying: producing a feeling of being purified emotionally, spiritually or psychologically as a result of an intense emotional experience or therapeutic technique.

So basically, this is my new therapy.

I’m not solely going to use this for my own benefit, although that is part of the reason as I won’t be able to see my counsellor every week while I’m away. I also want to share my experiences and travels with anyone who wants to listen to (or read) them. Be that family and friends or complete strangers.

Arugam Bay – Sri Lanka 2018

I am going to start a journey as an EFL teacher, solo female traveller, and (hopefully) a yoga teacher. So what better place to record all of that than on the internet for everyone to see (cue anxious laughter).

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