The C Word

Does anyone else feel like we’re living in a movie? Or a dream? Or a nightmare for some? The C bomb has really blown up in the last few weeks and I’m not sure anyone knows how to deal with what’s happening. Everyone I’ve spoken to (in all parts of the world) is confused and anxious. I’m just trying to take it day by day.

My thoughts; I agree with the theories that Mother Earth has decided to reverse some of the damage we’ve done. It’s arrogant for us to assume that everything we’ve done to this planet won’t result in some sort of punishment. I hope this opens peoples eyes to how fragile our lives are and the planet we live on is.

I’ve noticed big differences between collectivist cultures like Vietnam and Sri Lanka, and the UK as an individualistic culture. I feel safer here than I would at home. I’m worried for my friends and family, and what will happen in the coming weeks. I pray (I’m not religious but I pray anyway) that everyone will stay safe and listen to the advice that’s being given. I pray people will take this seriously and people will stop being so fucking selfish. You really need to look after each other.

In terms of the impact on me personally, my training for my new job was cancelled due to someone attending who had been on a bus with someone who has been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19. This makes me F4, not legally required to isolate, but doing so anyway as much as I can (while keeping my sanity).

Luckily, I’ve been able to continue working online with PalFish, so I know I can pay my rent next month. My heart hurts for people who are struggling financially because of this, and I hope everyone can support each other, as humans, in such an unprecedented and unpredictable time.

It makes me think of the word we say at the end of yoga class; namaste. The meaning is ‘the light in me honours the light in you’. We are all the same, no one human is more or less important than another, and we need to remember that in the coming weeks/months. Whatever happens, we are all cut from the same cloth, and the only person that can help you, is everyone else.

Come on people, be sensible, stay inside, look after the vulnerable, ask for help if you need it, and maybe we can get through this together.

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