Lost in Amsterdam

I’m finally feeling like I’m nearly recovered from my trip to Amsterdam. I ended up leaving 2 days late due to having shingles. This not only meant I was in bed for a week, but also missed my last 3 days at work (a blessing in disguise as I hate goodbyes).

I flew on my own on Sunday 22nd December, landing early evening. I went straight to a shop and bought 2G’s of CBD weed, which is essential for someone like me who doesn’t smoke weed. When I say doesn’t, I mean can’t; my body seems to reject anything with high THC (the psychoactive in cannabis).

Amsterdam over Christmas was everything you would expect it to be. This is my second visit to the city and I’m still finding hidden gems and places to visit. My last trip to Amsterdam was with 3 girls for a friends birthday and this time 5 of us for Christmas. Both trips have involved heavy drinking and partying till the early hours.

I met up with my friends in ‘Lost in Amsterdam’ cafe, a place I remember from last summer as having good cocktails and music. Night 1 was very much go hard or go home and I think my head finally hit the pillow at 6am.

Day 2 was spent in the Bulldog hotel playing games all day. It’s so dark you have no concept of day or night, which I kind of like. By the time we had our canal boat tour we were nothing short of shit faced, which resulted in Andy driving the boat.

We visited Amsterdam Winter Paradise on Christmas Eve which was like Winter Wonderland on acid. An overwhelming indoor and outdoor display of winter fun and festivities at the RAI.

Christmas Day was spent in Mr Porter, a last minute recommendation from a local. The level of excellence was non-stop with oysters, caviar, lobster, 1100g steaks and drinks flowing freely: one of my favourite Christmas meals to date.

A Christmas well spent with friends, in a beautiful city, a combination of debauchery and luxury. It’s also reaffirmed my love for solo travel, and need for plenty of ‘me time’. Even if it has left me looking forward to my 90 days alcohol free challenge; starting January 9th (watch this space).

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