Why Honesty is the Best Policy

I started this year feeling totally lost. I had just come back from the most life changing 3 months of my life. Newly single and fairly heartbroken about it. Not only single in relationship status but feeling lost after leaving a country I fell in love with.

I experienced more of a culture shock coming back home to mundanity, than I did moving to Sri Lanka for 3 months to work as a mental health volunteer. It’s strange, but abnormal is my normal; it’s where I thrive.

I’d really appreciate any feedback, but please be gentle with me. This is the start of my journey as a blogger, as an EFL teacher and as a solo female traveller. I’m sure there will be ups and downs and I want to share all of those moments with you.

This post isn’t about me banging on about how much I love Sri Lanka. This post isn’t about me telling you about my struggles at the beginning of this year. This post isn’t about how I dealt with adjusting to single life. This post isn’t about how to adapt and deal with culture shock. There will be separate posts for all of those things.  

This post is a promise I am making to you, lovely people who have decided to read my stuff and follow my journey. I promise that everything I say on here will be 100% honest and from the heart, even if it’s not what you want to hear (and even if it’s not what I want to write).

Because in my opinion, honesty is always the best policy.  

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