Who is she?

Can I just say, it’s the most daunting thing in the world writing about yourself. So I decided to ask my friends/followers to write about me instead! Here’s a little picture capturing the answers, when I asked for 1 word to describe me (note, many of my friends don’t know the meaning of 1 word).

You see, the thing is, until this year I’ve been having a bit of an identity crisis. I think this was partially generated while I attempted to grieve for my dad. I remember when I went to see my last counsellor for the first time and she asked what I wanted help with. I said I don’t know who I am, I want to figure that out. I was determined if I could get a grip on who I was then I would be happy, or whatever.


So I’ve spent the last couple of years trying to answer the question ‘who am I?’ I’ve used other people’s opinions a lot in this process. At the end of my trip to India I asked everyone to sign my journal and found this helpful. But at the same time, I struggled to believe the nice things people wrote about me.

I did the same at the end of my trip to Sri Lanka, where I met some of the closest friends I have, to date. It was after Sri Lanka I finally started to believe that actually I might not be a totally terrible person, maybe the things people say about me aren’t actually lies?

IOW festival – day 4

Correct me if I’m wrong, but your 20’s are hard. Everyone is either getting married, having kids or they are drunk all the time; there doesn’t seem to be a middle ground. I’m definitely closer the latter. I’ve never felt the need to settle down or have kids in order to be happy. In fact, I’m the most content when in my own company.

‘Well Behaved Women Don’t Make History’

Anyway, I digress. So who am I and what am I about. I’m someone you can trust to always be honest, whether what I say is what you want to hear or not. I’m studying to be a wellness coach; I love helping people. I love yoga and horse riding; I love drinking beers and dancing on tables. I like psychology, reading and travel. My friends have always said I am a bit of a contradiction; I could be out partying until 4am and at yoga class at 9am. I feel my life can be a paradox, life is about balance. I’m learning the art of moderation, with a few slip ups along the way.

Balance Festival – London

My karaoke song is Kings of Leon ‘Sex on Fire’. I like putting people on the spot by saying what’s in my brain without a filter. It sometimes gets me in trouble, but I mean well. I openly admit my favorite family member is my brothers dog Eddie (see below). At parties I like to ask people random questions; my favorite question to ask is ‘what’s your favorite song ever?’ People can’t seem to cope with this question because they are limited to one answer. For me, it’s ‘Iris’ The Goo Goo Dolls.

As part of my ‘About me’ research, I asked people for their favorite memory of me. But the results were disappointing, as most of them are illegal or not things I want my mum to read! So I’ll share a story about the below photo.

This photo was taken on my first trip to Cardiff. I was first to arrive so waiting for my friends, decided to go to a bar for a pint and some food. We were going to see P!nk that evening and Cardiff was super busy. I was sat on a table on my own and 3 guys asked to sit with me as there was no space anywhere else. They had clearly just finished work, and offered to buy me a pint. Not one to turn down free beer, I accepted, and before long we’re enjoying many tequilas and top quality banter.

The guys said they had to leave to go to a bbq and invited me to join. My friends were stuck in traffic and at least an hour away so I thought fuck it yea why not. Just before walking in to this bbq, I discover it’s actually a work bbq on a building site. My new mates said if anyone asks to tell people I’m a QS.

When I say I am the ONLY female at this bbq it’s no exaggeration. I got myself a veggie burger and a can of Fosters, and my new mate (who I nick named Uncle Jimmy) took this photo of me wearing full PPE in the site managers office.

So, the only thing left for me to ask is, what’s your favourite song of all time? (I will judge your entire life/personality on how you answer this question).